Finger counting – should it be discouraged? [PPT]

Aug 13, 2019


Almost all kids learn to count with fingers when they start with mathematics.
But as they grow older, the subject gets more advanced. During that period, the act of finger counting is often discouraged.
This is because the practice is looked down as a less intelligent way of thinking. But is it justified? Let’s see.

Why's finger counting often discouraged?

Most teachers and parents believe that this technique hampers the development of the brain. This method is also considered childish; a trick used to find out answers. They also believe that it does nothing to help students comprehend the concept.

“Many schools have actually banned finger-counting in classrooms.”

Fingers are the first form of visuals:

Allowing students to utilize fingers in calculations not only encourage them to indulge in counting, but it also encourages them to be instrumental in learning basic additions and subtractions.

It Can Play a Significant Role in Comprehending Arithmetic:

US govt. has published a recent study that has the suggestion that finger-based strategies and finger-based representations play a significant role in learning and comprehending arithmetic.
The study also explains how students represent their fingers mentally during counting especially when they are barred from using this practice.

Improved Performance:

Students who know how to use their fingers for calculation perform better in higher class mathematics over the course of time.
It has also been found that they become exceptionally good with numbers.

Cognitive Development:

Finger-counting results in the effective development of cognition among students.
It's been found that the technique has many neurological benefits. The use of fingers can also be considered the key in learning basic arithmetic resulting in higher IQ among students.

Sudipto Das

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