Top 5 Qualities of an English Tutor

Jul 04, 2019

Being a common medium for communication, English has turned out to be so integral these days that thriving without knowing the language seems to be impossible. In such a scenario, nothing can be more disappointing than seeing your kid fail miserably in the subject English itself! Is your kid having serious nightmares about English? Does it happen that when it comes to English, your kid shrieks his shoulder and becomes clueless? If this is the case, then you better go for English tutors in Cape Town who can not only make your child an academic prodigy but can also groom his English knowledge to the core.

Why is a tutor important? 

There are a plethora of ways in which having an English tutor can benefit you. For one, your child would be better prepared for the exams and will be undoubtedly excelling in the subject. Secondly, you don't have to burn midnight lamps to teach your child the basics of the language and how to use common grammatical details. Gone are the days when you used to work like anything for the entire day and would be toiling with your child's regular class work and homework like sleep-deprived zombies in the night. 
Also, if your kid always faces being an issue while speaking common English words and has problems with sentence framing, then opting for English tutors in Cape Town can be of great help. They can not only help to enhance the theoretical knowledge but can also be an absolute wonder to your kid's pronunciation and way of speaking as well. 
Your kid would be more confident and speak with more fluency. With a home tutor, you won't be just minimizing your work but would also save a lot of your kid's time as well that he used to spend in figuring out things himself. Now with an English Tutor, your kid has a backup for all the frustrating homework and exam revisions. 

What are the qualities that a tutor needs to have? 

Being a teacher is undoubtedly a huge responsibility, and to be very specific, every teacher has his field of expertise. There is no exception to English as well. If you are trying to find English tutors in Cape Town then here are the 5 Qualities that you need to look for:

1. Experience:

The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider while hiring a tutor for your kid is the experience that the tutor has. Undoubtedly qualification matters but while choosing a teacher, the integral thing to consider is the experience that he has in this field. You can find countless English tutors in Cape Town who are qualified enough but still aren't good when it comes to dealing with your child. 

2. Knowledge:

English is a versatile language that needs practice and strong fundamentals for mastery. If you are gearing up for finding a home tutor for your kid, then make sure you hire someone who has abundant knowledge along with experience. 

3. Patience:

The tutor that you have hired for your child should know the reasons why the student isn't able to grasp the knowledge. Apart from that if your child faces any issues with the way the tutor has been teaching, the tutor should be patient enough to try other ways to teach your kid. 

4. Priority:

Even if the tutor is experienced and qualified enough, the time that he is willing to spend on your child's overall growth is important. He should not only teach but also make a habit of practising a must. Regular writing sessions, along with textbook reading, should be encouraged by the tutor. 

5. Involvement:

You have to find someone who can not only understand the need of your kid but can also teach him the basics that you and the concerned school has been avoiding since the initial days. Your hired tutor should be involved in developing your child’s skills as you do. 
Last but not least, you should also consider the budget that you had set for finding English tutors in Cape Town and work accordingly. Don't go for some tutor who would want to be paid some unreal amount. Go for someone affordable along with being efficient.

Sudipto Das

Sudipto writes educational content periodically for LearnPick South Africa and backs it up with extensive research and relevant examples. He's an avid reader and a tech enthusiast at the same time with a little bit of “Arsenal Football Club” thrown in as well. He's got more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing, SEO and graphic designing.

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